Chairman’s Message

ChairmanJaheziya the Arabic word for “Readiness” or “Preparedness” is the brand name of Tawazun Safety, Security and Disaster Management City where we provide technical, vocational and professional training for intra-agency, inter-agency and multi-agency operations in the fields of safety, security, emergency preparedness, and crisis/disaster management. Initiated by Tawazun, Jaheziya aims to provide training that will help to build, sustain and enhance the UAE's capacity to protect communities, assets and vital infrastructure.

Jaheziya’s mission is to prepare the learner, whether a layman or a professional, to efficiently and effectively carry out the functions necessary to prepare for, respond to, recover from and mitigate the impact of natural or man-made (intentional, un-intentional or technological) disasters and emergencies.

Training at Jaheziya prepares individuals and communities to be ready and resilient in times of emergencies and disaster. At its “future-proof” facilities,  we provide a “world-class” training experience on the methods of dealing with a variety of incidents before, during and after it has occurred and reducing the vulnerability of the population and economy to natural or man-made threats

As the Chairman, “I firmly believe that enabling the inhabitants of a community to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent everyday accidents and emergencies by themselves, is the first step to building a stable and robust society”. It is my responsibility and privilege to not just oversee the development of this city which is expected to evolve into one of the largest training facility of its kind in the world, but also direct a vibrant, well-grounded, and diverse portfolio of training programs that offers students both discovery and development. At the center of this work is our faculty, comprising international educators and experts with vast and varied experience. Accomplished, innovative and caring, they represent the best of both worlds of academia and professional practice. Whatever the discipline, Jaheziya faculty are deeply engaged in designing, developing and delivering curriculum and assessing learning.

Jaheziya’s courses and integrated programs which you can browse through on our website, are closely and carefully tied to professional and industry requirements and therefore truly transformative. Students emerge not only with a certificate or diploma, a set of skills, and a career path, but above all with a professional identity that is valued whether it is in the Oil and Gas, Maritime, Aviation or Military Sectors to name just a few.

Jaheziya facilities serve as a platform to reenact and recreate past incidents and perceived threats.  Scenario-based training for both single or multiple incidents provide a unique experience which enables professionals from various agencies to cooperate, communicate and interact with their counterparts while performing the operations that they were specifically trained for by their agencies to deal with in an emergency, crisis or disaster situation.

The motivated faculty and staff of Jaheziya  are excited about our potential and will strive to have an impact on the communities we serve and help today’s students become tomorrow’s professionals, leaders and guardians of this nation.

I appreciate your interest in learning more about Jaheziya. Please explore this website, to keep track of our progress, plans and programs. I also encourage you to contact our offices to arrange a visit to Jaheziya.

H.E.Ali Mohamed Musleh Al Ahbabi, Chairman of Jaheziya

Core Competencies

As the challenges and dynamics of national security continue to evolve, emergency management agencies need to reinvent and recalibrate their delivery. Failure to integrate planning at the preliminary stage increases pressure on the military to expand its involvement in non-military tasks and jeopardize the overall success of an operation.


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