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Jaheziya, the brand name for Tawazun Safety, Security and Disaster Management City stands for “readiness” or “preparedness”.

At Jaheziya, we provide technical, vocational and professional training for intra-agency, interagency and multi-agency operations in the fields of safety, security, emergency preparedness, and crisis/disaster management. Initiated by Tawazun, Jaheziya aims to offer training that will help build, sustain and enhance the UAE›s capacity to protect communities, assets and vital infrastructure.

We launched Jaheziya with a view to be the preferred training facility in the region and beyond for the above mentioned fields. As a first step, we have remodeled and revived the existing Maritime and Onshore and Offshore Firefighting training facility and currently Jaheziya is providing variety programs/courses to satisfy the training requirements of stakeholders from the industry and military. Training delivered is having the appropriate local and international accreditation and comply with the national and international standards acceptable to the stakeholder.

Effective crisis response operations rely heavily on interoperability between agencies/ organizations, processes, and technologies in the field. While information may exist within individual agencies/organizations, the key to successful emergency, crisis and disaster management is communication, multi-agency cooperation, and coordination.

At Jaheziya, our facilities serve as a platform to re-enact and recreate past incidents and perceived threats. Through scenario-based training of single and multiple events, we provide a unique experience which allows professionals from various agencies to cooperate, communicate and interact with their counterparts while performing the operations they were exclusively trained for.

Core Competencies

As the challenges and dynamics of national security continue to evolve, emergency management agencies need to reinvent and recalibrate their delivery. Failure to integrate planning at the preliminary stage increases pressure on the military to expand its involvement in non-military tasks and jeopardize the overall success of an operation.


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