Services & Capabilities

Training Philosophy

Emergency situations come without a warning. But at Jaheziya, we equip organizations and individuals to respond effectively in multi-agency crisis situations. Our training modules provide a unique experience and emphasize on efficient working methods that can be easily pressed into service in an emergency, crisis or disaster situation. Alongside curricula on the technical aspects, our training also focuses on areas of response and management with particular emphasis on single and multiple scenario-based multiagency training on the mechanisms used before, during and after an emergency. We aim to set new benchmarks by our commitment to provide exceptional quality training and services. At Jaheziya, we believe training is of national importance, given its nature and substance. Every government, quasi-government and private agency must regard it as a collective responsibility. The goal is successful national capacity building through harmonization of requirements, readiness to compromise and active participation.

Training Methodology

Preparing participants for real-world situations is vital. That's why at Jaheziya, we use proven, high quality, interactive sessions and impart practical techniques that can be swiftly applied in an emergency. Through the deployment of numerous tools and settings, we provide a constantly challenging and innovative learning environment, featuring:

  • Lectures and case studies
  • Live and virtual scenario-based training
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Online training modules
  • Self-assessment instruments
  • Videos and role-plays
  • Breakout sessions
  • Group discussions

Thanks to the latest technology, we can provide customized training and consulting solutions to suit any industry sector or potential scenario with the help of training simulators, emulators, and props. Even more scenarios can be meshed into the training schedule to address unique requirements, business operations or reallife activities and risks.

The primary objective of our training suite is to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and understanding of emergency situations. Armed with theoretical expertise, they can then swing into effect and devise strategies that mitigate the impact on the agency or the organization's reputation, operability and liabilities.

Current Training Facility

At Jaheziya, our modules are customdesigned, implemented and facilitated by some of the most seasoned and accomplished emergency management professionals. From our cutting-edge facility, we provide a vast array of training programs in various fields with new and innovative scenario-based multi-agency modules introduced on a regular basis.

  • Fire-fighting
  • Handling dangerous goods and hazardous materials
  • Rescue and survival at sea
  • Offshore and onshore safety
  • First aid
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Others

Training Target Groups

The provision of training for officials or employees of governmental, quasigovernmental, and private agencies and organizations remains a priority at Jaheziya. We can enhance the capabilities of regional and international clients and condition them to address emergency situations with complete confidence. Here's a closer look at our target groups:

  • Armed forces
  • Police forces
  • Civil defense agencies
  • Ministries and municipalities
  • Port authorities
  • Transport authorities
  • Health authorities
  • Oil and gas, energy, construction and other industry sectors
  • Nuclear and biological plants, and chemical factories
  • Education councils, schools, colleges, higher education institutions, and R&D centers
  • Humanitarian aid agencies
  • Non-governmental organizations

Core Competencies

As the challenges and dynamics of national security continue to evolve, emergency management agencies need to reinvent and recalibrate their delivery. Failure to integrate planning at the preliminary stage increases pressure on the military to expand its involvement in non-military tasks and jeopardize the overall success of an operation.


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