Specialised Training

Specialized Training

Marine and survival training is for anyone who might work on board vessels. It focuses on roles and responsibilities while onboard, chain of command, communications, and responding to emergencies.

The auxiliary firefighting programme is designed to provide current and prospective firefighters with the tactics needed to handle emergencies in industrial atmospheres. This enables delegates to develop skills for preventing and responding to emergencies.


Students are required to be:

  • Medically and physically fit (sponsor to ensure medical fitness).
  • Able to understand instructions / training delivered in the English Language.
  • A minimum of 18 years old.
  • Medically fit to participate in all elements of the course, and they will be asked to complete a self-declaration medical form before the course commences.
  • Holding a valid Emirates ID or passport from their home country. 

Please contact JAHEZIYA for more information: inquiry@JAHEZIYA.ae

The Helicopter Underwater Escape Training and Dinghy drill is designed to provide trainees (pilots and aircrew) with basic knowledge of helicopter transportation, and what to do in the event of a helicopter emergency. It also covers escape procedures in the event of a helicopter ditching, including the deployment and use of the aviation life raft, as well as water survival techniques and rescue methods.

Please contact JAHEZIYA for more information: inquiry@JAHEZIYA.ae

This course is designed for passengers who will be wearing the Mark 50 lifejacket during transportation by air.

It aims to ensure that delegates gain the required knowledge and understanding of the particular hazards and properties of a Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS), and that they take the appropriate practical emergency response actions in the event that emergency deployment is necessary.

Please contact JAHEZIYA for more information: inquiry@JAHEZIYAae

This course has been designed to meet the UAE GHQ requirements for the Basic NBCD training for military personnel. It aims to ensure a ship’s operational readiness by protecting the ship and its crew from the effects of fire and damages caused by hostilities or other calamities.

Please contact JAHEZIYA for more information: inquiry@JAHEZIYA.ae

Current Offerings


At JAHEZIYA, we offer a portfolio of internationally recognised training courses and qualifications designed to enhance skills and build expertise. Our short courses, long courses and refresher modules are implemented and facilitated by some of the most seasoned and accomplished emergency management professionals in the region.