Who we are

Who We Are

At JAHEZIYA, we deliver locally and internationally approved training programmes and firefighting and emergency response services. Our leadership in technical, vocational, and professional training for intra-agency, inter-agency, and multi-agency operations allows us to build, sustain, and enhance our customers’ capabilities to protect communities, assets, and infrastructure.

Our facilities offer a world-class platform to simulate all types of potential threats and emergencies. Through scenario-based training of single and multiple events, professionals across agencies can cooperate, communicate, and interact with their counterparts. 

We are accredited and certified by ACTVET, TUV NORD, First Aid International, OPITO, JOIFF, NEBOSH, The General Directorate of Civil Defence Abu Dhabi (ADCD), and the Federal Transport Authority - Land & Maritime.

Our Purpose

To be the leading provider of specialised fire & emergency response services for the industrial, aviation and maritime industry and world-class safety training.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibilities

JAHEZIYA believes that customers consider more than quality of services when choosing a brand and many are prioritising corporate social responsibility (CSR), and those entities proven to be accountable for effecting a social change with their business beliefs, practices and profits.

JAHEZIYA's CSRs are initiatives to assess and take responsibility to ensure a positive effect on environmental and social wellbeing.

Awards & Certifications


About Edge

About Edge

We live in an accelerating world. Characterised by uncharted frontiers, the future is empowered by advanced technology that is galvanising a new breed of players. At the edge of these frontiers exist no limits – where boundless opportunities await.
Transforming how we live, and ensuring a more secure future, is what we do. We are EDGE; and our mission is simple: to bring innovative technologies and services to market with greater speed and efficiency.
We will not only revolutionise the defence industry, but we will change its fundamentals. We are the vanguard of the next-generation, of a reimagined sector. We prioritise technology in a non-binary world and seek universal solutions. We work with everyone: big or small, start-up or established, local or global.
We are EDGE. We enable a secure future.

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